Australian Industry Standards Ltd website and this website for the Digital Transformation Expert Panel strive to support all visitors irrespective of their physical limitations (e.g. vision, hearing, mobility, literacy, or cognitive impairment), environmental limitations (e.g. noise), and/or technical limitations (e.g. slow modems, older browser versions, low resolution displays, and monochrome monitors).

The accessibility limitations will vary depending on the target audience. Websites must be made with the target audience in mind, so that the pages are accessible to them.


A text-only site map provides links to all the main areas and sub-areas of the site in a more accessible format.


If an image is used for any link, techniques are used to keep the text within the code so they are still text-friendly for screen readers, text-based browsers and for those who browse with styles sheets turned off.


A text description has been added to each image within and/or tags. This will assist screen readers and users who browse the internet with images off.