The Panel’s advice is captured in its Digital Transformation Skills Strategy which was considered by the AISC at its February 2021 meeting. The Panel believes that Australia’s VET system is pivotal to optimising what technology offers our economy, the many industries it comprises and our workforce. There is, however, little time to get this right. One of the most insightful analyses* on the impact of technology on Australia’s workforce predicts that by 2034:

  • Automation will displace 2.7m workers, 56% of whom are male
  • Technology will augment 4.5m workers, leading to a 15% capacity uplift to Australian businesses

The Panel is keen to emphasise that whilst digital transformation maybe synonymous with technology, it’s those inherent human skills which can’t be replicated by an algorithm that will future-proof our workforce and are now essential to build. It is why the Strategy is as much about growing our cognitive skills and general capabilities as it is about digital competence.

With a guiding principle of “leave no worker behind”, the Strategy has five Focus Areas with a series of underpinning Action Points:
  1. System settings
  2. Industry leadership
  3. Learner support services
  4. Teaching and learning
  5. Training products

Titled ‘The Learning Country’ the Strategy is now public and can be viewed here.

An accompanying Media Kit can be accessed here.
* Australian Computer Society and Faethm (2020) Technology impacts on the Australian workforce

Watch the webinar on the Digital Transformation Skills Strategy hosted by Paul Walsh, CEO of Australian Industry Standards and featuring Panel Members Dr Claire Mason, Professor Aleksandar Subic and Mark McKenzie.

Hear firsthand about the key issues considered by the Expert Panel, Members’ priorities and their takeaway message for stakeholders. To view the highlights from the webinar click here.

Listen to the What now? What next? podcast moderated by Claire Field, featuring Megan Lilly, Professor Aleksandar Subic and Paul Walsh.
Listen to the podcast online here.

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